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Protecting Your Personal Property in a Texas Divorce

Your personal property includes things you brought into a marriage and that which was acquired during your time together. When it comes time to divide personal property, emotions can run high, and conflict is common. Spouses often disagree about the sentimental and financial value of their belongings. These disagreements can lead to additional time, expense, and stress in your divorce case.

Our Dallas family law attorneys at Araiza Law can help you work through the emotional turmoil to reach a fair division of your belongings. Our firm has a reputation for tenacious, passionate, and practical representation committed to bringing you peace of mind. We have decades of collective experience that we are ready to put to work for you, so contact us today for a free phone consultation.

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How is Real Estate Equity Divided?

An investment in a home or other property can earn substantial growth in equity over the course of a marriage. The battle over the division of real estate, then, is naturally quite heated, particularly in today’s rapidly growing real estate market. Most often, real estate equity is divided equally in a Texas divorce. However, one spouse may be entitled to more than 50 percent of real estate equity.

Sometimes, selling the home is not the optimal choice. One spouse may want to keep the home and buy out the other spouse’s share of the equity. This and several other options may be available for real estate division in your divorce. Our skilled family lawyers have gained invaluable knowledge over decades in practice. Let us apply our experience to resolving your real estate division matter.

Allocation of Spousal Debt in a Divorce

Divorcing couples often concentrate on who gets the money or who gets to keep what personal belongings when they split up, but even more critical may be who gets the debts.

The most common debts are typically divided evenly. These include:

  • Car loans
  • Home loans
  • Credit card balances

In some instances, individual spouses may be accountable for debts such as those incurred before marriage, hidden debts, or those accumulated through waste, such as gambling. Araiza Law can ferret out all debts through investigation and documentation so that you pay only what is necessary.

Contact our Dallas family law attorneys at (214) 516-7776 to learn more.

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