IRS Tax Audits: How a Lawyer Can Help

Many people find it stressful and worrisome to receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. An audit notice can be particularly frightening. Tax audits require extensive preparation and may lead to serious penalties. It’s important to realize that you have the right to legal representation during these inquiries.

A skilled attorney can help you locate or request the documents you need for an IRS tax audit. If you misplaced some of these papers, he or she will take steps to acquire copies from financial institutions. This can have a major impact on the outcome. An attorney will also prepare you for the auditor’s questions and give you expert advice on how to respond right with the expertise of  professionals with Self Assessment.

When an audit notice arrives in the mail, it’s wise to call a lawyer before communicating with your accountant or tax preparer. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on these professionals to protect you. The government often compels accountants to testify against their clients. On the other hand, an attorney will represent and defend you in any circumstance.

It’s rarely best to go it alone. A lawyer will accompany you to an audit and any subsequent court appearances. Tax attorneys have the legal expertise to defend you from IRS auditors who make unreasonable accusations, misinterpret laws or demand documents that you cannot obtain. They also know how to appeal unfair decisions.

Basically, lawyers work to protect taxpayers’ rights and ensure that the government resolves tax disputes fairly. If you face an audit or subsequent IRS penalties, please contact us to learn more about legal representation. We can arrange a free consultation and help you decide if you need a tax attorney’s services.

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